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Kavousi is one of the most interesting and lively villages of Ierapetra province. It is 27 km from Agios Nikolaos, 19 km from Ierapetra and 40 km from Sitia. Located in the center of a lush olive valley at an altitude of 140 meters, it offers beautiful view of the mountains to the south and the Cretan Sea to the north.

The name according to the Cretan dialect means small cavity or "pond", a place where water is gathered.

Kavousi has a beautiful square with picturesque cafes and around it there are the Byzantine churches of St. George and the Twelve Apostles worth visiting when coming to our village.

One of the most beautiful beaches in the region is the sandy beach of Tholos, just 3 km from the village. At Tholos you will find Roman ruins of warehouses and the chapel of St. Anthony with rare murals.

Opposite Kavousi there is an island called "Pseira" with Minoan ruins on it. In 2006 the only Minoan era wreck was discovered there.

Important archaeological sites that you can visit is the pre Minoan settlement of “Vronta" and for the hikers the pre Minoan settlement called "Castle" with a view that compensates the fatigue of the ascent.

The canyon of “Mesona” is also worth visiting by hikers where you can admire the magnificence of Cretan nature and biodiversity.

For the cave enthusiasts, there is a cave called “Theriospilios” with impressive stalactites and stalagmites.

Near the cave is the "Chrysokamino" in a small crack of the ground. Allegedly it was used as an ore furnace shortly after the middle Ages by coppersmiths of the era.

Trademark of Kavousi area is the age-old olive tree, about 3500 years old with a trunk diameter of 20 meters. Today, it is considered a protected monument.

Going from Kavousi to mount “Afentis” you will find the picturesque and historic settlements of “Avgou”, “Tsamanti” and “Drakalevriou” that offered shelter to the residents of Kavousi during difficult times in our history.